The four winds

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HALANA (part 1)

Halana could hear Dani's voice. It was like a whisper: "Halana, where are you?" She felt like laughing but of course it was not the moment for laughing. "I have no idea where I am"she thought. And she was afraid. Halana and her brother were trying to find the way to her healing and so they had ventured through unknown dimensions . They were lost, in fact, waiting for something that might guide them out of the strange world where they were. Or maybe, she hoped, finding superior spirits that could teach them what they knew. Something had to happen, or else they could just stay there forever. Sami came close to her with some news. "I heard some noise. We'll probably have trouble. But don't worry, Halana. Remember what the master said: "If you happen to meet evil spirits, you'll be able to know and all you have to do is get away from them. They won't have time to hurt you. On the other hand, if they are the protectors, you must choose the words to ask for help. Spirits live in worlds which are different from ours; they have different values and timing; it's important to know how to communicate."

Monday, October 03, 2011

The Seeress part 3

"Maybe the Lady of the Cauldron can help you find the way to the Superior World. And it's also possible that your friends may be lost on the way". But , mark my words, she said raising her thin finger, she's powerful but she's also moody. She doesn't speak to just anybody..." Dany shook all over when she suggested his friends might be lost on the way between the worlds. He wanted to ask for more, but the creature started her horses and nothing else could stop them. In a minute all he could see was just dust. Dani felt a bit dizzy and sat down under a tree. He needed time to put his thoughts in order. He rested, as if recovering from a big dream. Yes, it had been a big dream and he needed time to get back to ordinary reality. Then he would find out the way to get to The Lady of the Cauldron. At least he knew what to do. He would have to try it alone 'cause he didn't have his friends with him. Sami and Halana, where are you?

Friday, September 30, 2011

The seeress part 2

He knew now that something was going to happen. Only now could he understand the message from the wind. It was all very strange. He sensed that it was not for him to decide or even to think, time didn't belong to him anymore, things just showed in his mind, like when you're watching a movie.She was coming and he had to be direct in his questions. Dani was not afraid of her, but he was afraid of not getting the results. The master had warned about her; "If she shows up, she will look in your eyes and decide if she's going to answer or not.You never know what she's going to do. And then my friend, you'll have to understand her words, but it's worthwhile."

Suddenly, the sound of horses galloping. Dani could see the cart through the dust, coming near him. The cart halted noisily, the two horses raising their paws in the air. The woman had a purple cloak and her eyes penetrated Dani's as she approached him.Dani asked his questions and after a brief hesitation she said:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My first story


Chapter 1- The Seeress

Dani opened his eyes, as if awakening from a dream. But he had not been sleeping, not at all.He could remember having been concentrated to listen to the wind. The afternoon had brought with it a soft breese that was caressing his quietness. It was good to be like that, not thinking.
The Master had been specific: "It's important to listen to the wind, it will bring you precious messages." Dani had started listening to the sound of the afternoon wind, a mixture of sounds made by leaves and branches on the trees but he couldn't remember very well. He thought he didn't understand the messages, he couldn't be sure of anything. He thought that nothing had hapened. And they needed it so !
Sami and Halana had been gone early in the morning. Dani knew they were also searching for something, and they might be lost or even in danger. Where could they be ? He had no idea, He looked around and noticed some change in the atmosphere. He was still where he was before, but there were slight changes in the landscape.It was still the same dirt road, but it was different. The trees were bigger, spreading big branches all over the way.

Sunday, July 03, 2011


I had already read some books on shamanism, and I was familiar with Castañeda's explanations on ordinary and non-ordinary reality. I already found that the old beliefs of ancient peoples were the most plausible for my understanding. And then, one day, the universe brought me a book by John Matthews, which tells about the Celtic tradition on shamanism.
It was a turning point in my life. Getting to know the Celtic tradition was like uncovering the book of my own origin, or the origin of humankind. I instantly fell in love with the characters presented, as if they belonged to an old age of myself that had been stolen from me.
First thing I had to do was painting them. "The bride of the Waters", "The seeress" The Lady of the Cauldron", the Lord of the Seas, and others became my favorite inspirations.
After reading Michael Harner's The way of the Shaman, I went to Buenos Aires for a workshop on the subject. I knew that I needed a real experience on journeying and that M. Harner was right person to provide it. Of course it was not Harner himself but one of the members of his faculty.
But that will be another story .I'll tell about it, next time.

Friday, July 01, 2011

A comeback

I don't expect anybody to read this; it would be almost impossible, after stopping writing for so long. I feel like a person visiting an old house where nobody lives anymore.
I feel like rising curtains for the sun to come in and dissipate the darkness . I can see the old furniture, I can hear the voices of old friends of past times ... Where are they? It's just my imagination, trying to make them alive.
Everything that I once dreamed and said is lost in the past, but today is today. I'll have new things to say and new dreams to dream. You bet it. I'm back.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Nanny says

Well, as you should know, she's five years old. One of her most interesting contributions is exactly what she says. Besides dancing beautifully all round the house and finding butterflies to add to my collection, she makes comments that make me wonder what exactly she means. There's always a feeling of not understanding completely on my side. She uses words that simply stay, they don't just vanish like ordinary words. Like the other day when she suddenly came to me (I was at the computer) and said: "I know you will always love me."
Yesterday she was about going to bed when her mother reminded her of feeding the fishes of the aquarium. Öh. mum," she burst out crying. Her mother said: "No problem, you can feed them now, there's no need to cry."I know,"she said, but I also know that they will never forgive me."